Professional ​

Enthusiastic M.A. in Digital Media & Communication Leadership Graduate who drives dynamic videography, photography, social media, marketing, advertising, and graphic design initiatives though to success while cohesively aligning with a progressive company’s mission, vision, and values. Resourceful, Intuitive “Quick Study” who cultivates a strong brand image with superior quality while making sound decisions to reflect positively on desired goals. Engaging Communicator who builds beneficial alliances among decision-makers, multidisciplinary professionals, and clients / customers; who maintains cutting-edge technological skills; and who continually goes the “extra mile” to surpass the status quo. 


The Kroger Company (Essential Worker


Select and gather products for customers' on-line orders in the most efficient manner with attention to freshness and quality at the start of the pandemic. Assemble customers' on-line orders, process coupons and payment, and deliver and load orders to cars when customers arrive at-store for pick up. Provide a positive customer service experience that makes customers want to return again to on-line shopping. Report pricing, scanning, and item location discrepancies and invalid temperature types to the store e-Commerce supervisor. Operating the computer station to maintain high-percentage of customers orders being fulfilled, ensuring the correct items are organized and prepared for the customer, and processing payments.

▪ Key figure making our e-commerce service with the explosive demand at the beginning of the pandemic.

▪ Mapping the items in the store to assist the Pickers in finding products as efficiently as possibly.

▪ Providing safe and contactless provisions to our customers to ensure everyone's safety.

▪ creating the most ideal store for online purchase in a very high volume setting with limited space.


2013 – 2019 

Multidisciplinary Digital Media Producer Promoted a collaborative, community-based environment for children, parents, faculty, and staff by producing innovation-centric educational content and immersive web-based professional development multimedia modules known as “ImmersiFIRE” that include text, photo, video, audio, interactive activities, and downloadable content. Leveraged broad scope of industry knowledge toward producing and managing content for various social media channels (i.e. UCDS blog). Collaborated with teachers in a Curriculum Committee to sustain design-led “Continua” on the cutting edge of education. Created storyboards from ideation to publication. Hosted live broadcast via multi-camera webcasts. 

Continually contributed to a proactive Advancement Team focused on standardizing and creating outreach strategies, fundraising, and external communications content (i.e. UCDS Annual Report). Served as designated Lead Engineer tasked with recording, editing, and publishing voice-overs; multi-track musical performances; and live performances. Conceptualized, developed, and taught dynamic labs / clubs to instruct children on STEM / Maker projects, including topics such as 3D photography, 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser etching, studio / portrait photography, stop motion animation, and audio recording, scientific research, comparative analog / digital studies, and rock and roll clubs.

▪Key specialist in the development of a 5-year fully Washington State-accredited Masters of Education Program.

▪Collaborated with the Communications Director to create digital and printed outreach materials, like UCDS Spark Magazine.

▪Designed a 360-degree immersive Virtual Reality Tour with custom-branded Google Cardboard. (Please click the gear and turn "ambient audio on'" for the full experience)

▪Created multiple video documentaries, including EDGe, Resident Program, Theme Fair, and Tiny House.

▪Recognized as the Lead Producer tasked with prioritizing team workflow and ensuring timely completion.

▪Co-led a 3-year rebranding / redesign of USDS Schools and Institutes website, Spark magazine, and social media including the UCDS blog.

▪Served as A / V Lead for annual fundraising event generating $1.5 million to unilaterally offer teachers a 15% raise.



2011 – 2013 

Videographer │ Photographer │ Editor │ Animator 

Expertly captured video, photographs, interviews, and audio within multilingual, nationwide Head Start Classrooms to create professional development modules for the Office of Head Start website. Proactively supported research for eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and attendance (ERSEA) in Early Head Start to provide quality education. Produced comprehensive content for the American Indian / Alaska Native (AIAN) program to effectively elevate local and international education opportunities of indigenous peoples. Facilitated live simulcast conferences. Educated and exported video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, and graphic-based animations to align with education-centric goals. Managed, archived, and documented media assets within complex file structures for team accessibility. Demonstrated post-production skill, including primary and secondary color correction; filtering; audio recording, editing, processing, and sweetening; adding motion graphics, visual effects, and subtitles; and storytelling through content.

▪Managed media consent forms and coordinated all facets of production needs for new shoot locations.

▪Served as the “go-to” liaison for actively scouting new locations and bridging educational thought leaders.

▪Exhibited talent with RAW, Apple ProRes, Apple Intermediate Codec, AVC, WMV, .mp4, and .H264 formats.

▪Developed educational web-based multimedia tools and training resources for educators, administrators, and researchers (i.e. 15-Minute In-Service Suites and Head Start Child Development & Early Learning Framework).

▪Partnered with a highly developed team of technology specialists, multimedia producers, editors, production associates, curriculum researchers, graphic designers, and key content distributors to exceed all creative goals.


Adobe Premiere Pro

After Effects







Media Encoder

Character Animator





- Interactive Designer

- 360 & 180 Virtual Reality

- Drone Video & Photography

- 3D Video &  Photography

- Social Media Campaign Strategy

- Digital and Analogue Marketing & Advertising

- Inbound & Outbound Market Strategist

- User Experience Designer 

- SEO Optimization 

- Analytics 

Master of Arts in Digital Media & Communication Leadership (Honors Graduate)
Bachelor of Integrated Arts & Science (IAS) in Media & Communication Studies (Magna Cum Laude) 
Associate of Arts & Sciences in Transferable / Digital Filmmaking & Audio Engineering (Honors Graduate) 




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